Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In Walton County

The Historical Background of Walton County, Florida
Walton County is situated on the highest point within the state of Florida. It is a beautiful city with a population estimated around 50,000. Walton County was named after George Walton in 1824. Additionally, this county has become a quiet place to live for its residents. Although the city welcomes a number of new tourists each year, it is also a popular destination for people looking to explore the Read more

Ten Reasons People Love To Live In Walton County

People love to live in Walton County because they have good schools, parks and access to the beach. The Atlantic Ocean offers a variety of water activities including deep sea fishing, scuba diving and sailing. The weather is sunny most days of the year. If you are considering moving to the county, look for a home near schools. The school district offers public transportation, nutritious meals and an athletic department. You can search the school menus on their website. Read more

Six Benefits Of Living In Walton County

1. A lot of people dream of the opportunity to live in Florida, and the dream can be yours if you relocate to Walton County, Florida. It’s a wonderful place to live if you want to experience the dream of living in The Sunshine State.

2. Walton County, Florida is the perfect size for many people. There is a large enough population that it isn’t considered a tiny town, but there is a surprising number of things to do. It allows you to enjoy small-town charm while still benefiting from there being plenty of people to talk to Read more

More Safety Tips for Walton County

It seems like people living in Walton just couldn’t get enough of our article outlining various home safety and security tips. That’s why we’re back again with some more tips to help you live safe and productive lives in Walton and, really, anywhere else in the US.

First, let’s talk about dogs. You know, man’s best friend. They have been standing side-by-side with humanity throughout history – helping us hunt, providing us comfort and, most importantly, protecting us.

Dogs have very acute senses of smell and hearing as well, which means if someone is outside your home or a car is pulling up in your driveway, you’ll know it the minute they do. They tend to get vocal about these things.

Statistically speaking, it has been proven that homes with dogs are somewhere around 60 percent less likely to be hit by criminals than those without. Something to consider.

Another thing that helps make the home more secure is good exterior lights. They come in tons of different varieties at major hardware stores. Some are solar powered and some actually have motion sensors that activate the light when ANY movement is detected in the area.

Again, though, it can’t be stressed enough. If you’re serious about home security and none of these DIY methods help, it might be time to really look into a home security system. Sites like are there to help with that and, really, it’s worth it if it stops you from feeling scared in your own home – Walton or anywhere else.

Living Safe in the Walton County Area

Every town has its fair share of danger, especially in a world where the economy doesn’t seem to be getting any better and jobless rates seem to steadily climb. However, you shouldn’t be living in fear in your own home – doesn’t matter if it’s Walton County or Detroit.

There are lots of things you can do to make the home safer for you and your family. Below are a few suggestions to help you on your way:

1.) A home security system can really increase the level of protection in your home.

2.) Door and window braces help impede even the most dedicated intruder. If you decide to go that route, make sure you get the consumer report on those products. You don’t want to be trapped in your own home.

3.) Be mindful of your trash. Also make sure to thoroughly shred any sensitive documents you are disposing of. If you have the cardboard box your giant, plasma screen television came in, make sure you dispose of it in a trash can instead of leaving it at the end of the street. You don’t need to advertise anything worth stealing in your home.

Walton County: Why It’s A Safe Family Community

Walton County is an ideal community for families looking for a safe place to live. One of the great things about the community is how much effort is put into establishing many safety organizations. One of these is the various neighborhood watch programs, these are a key facet for keeping communities safe and connected. By fostering a community spirit of safety and security these programs are one of the best attributes of Walton County.
The county sheriff’s office is committed to supporting these groups with educational resources, including CPR, gun safety, and Read more

Ten Reasons To Move To Walton County

Anyone considering moving to Walton County, Florida, will find there are many perks to residing in the county. The Florida weather is warm, inviting, and there will always be abundant activities. However, there are other important benefits that will help keep one’s family safe.

The Walton County Sheriff’s office is dedicated to protecting all residents and tourists.

The police department offers outreach services and frequently provides tips, so residents can improve their own safety.

Walton County takes cyber-crimes Read more

Why Families Move To Walton County

When families think of Walton County, many thoughts come to mind. From its clean streets, peaceful neighborhoods and friendly residents, these are just a few of the great things about Walton County. If given a chance to live in a community like this, who would turn it down? Unfortunately, many counties across the country do not get to experience the type of lifestyle that is available in Walton County. Some counties have suffering, crime, and a low standard Read more

Reasons To Live In Walton County

People who are looking for a great place to live should definitely consider moving to Walton County. Crime is as problem that is a concern for many people. Walton County has a relatively low crime rate. Just like the rest of Florida, Walton County is prone to Hurricanes. However, the weather is usually nice. The summers are hot, but the temperature rarely exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters are mild.

Walton County is also home to Britton Hill. Britton Hill is known for being the highest natural point in the Read more

Reason For Low Crime In Walton County

Crime is one of the biggest factors that an individual looks at when planning to relocate to a new location. No one wants to live in an area where they have to keep bars on their windows so intruders do not break in. Just alike, no one wants to live in an area where there are chances of shootings occurring on a random basis. Everyone wants to live in an environment where there is constant peace and a peace of mind, especially when raising children in this environment. Regardless of how many individuals live in a location, crime can still happen. Even if it is a small town, that does not stop crime.

The reason why Walton County has such a low crime rate is because of its demographics. With a higher than average rate of educated residents, crime is not seen as often. As a result of education, these residents also posses good paying jobs. It all is a chain reaction, where each factor is linked with the prior one. A good education enables a good job, Columbus Ohio ADT Alarms, which enables a higher standard of living. Walton County also has a strong law enforcement force. They work around the clock to enable the safety of the residents.

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